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WCT Load Shedding Backup and Alternative Energy Options

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Whale Coast Technologies offers technical know-how to help you select the right energy-security solution, from a range of options available, to deal with the unreliable Eskom electricity supply and to move towards off-grid alternative energy systems. The products offered from Whale Coast Technologies range from simple, plug-and-play backup units to fully off-grid systems that will give independence from Eskom supply.

What does Whale Coast Technologies offer?

WCT can offer

  • The expertise of a graduate electrical engineer;
  • Simple plug-and-play backup systems, which provide a source of electricity during load-shedding for items that are plugged into the inverter (no installation, no solar PV panels);
  • Installed backup systems, which are connected to selected circuits in your distribution board to ensure continuity of electricity to those circuits in the event of a power outage (low installation cost, no solar PV panels);
  • Hybrid systems, which in addition to providing backup during a power outage, will also reduce the energy drawn from the Eskom grid by substituting energy derived from solar and/or wind sources (moderate to higher installation cost associated with solar PV panel installation);
  • Off-grid systems, which provide electricity only from solar and wind sources and are not connected to the Eskom grid.


Solar PV panels can be offered. Please inquire for prices.

WCT Product Range – Inverter & Battery Kits


Inverters, batteries and battery housings can be purchased separately. Please inquire for prices.

All the back-up kits offered by WCT are uninterruptable power supplies (UPS), the inverters charging the back-up batteries from the mains and seamlessly switching to battery backup when mains supply is interrupted.